I have never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, perhaps because mine have always been driven by guilt. I tend to think of things I should stop doing, or more frequently, things that I feel guilty for not doing more of. Such as exercising more often, calling my friends and relatives more often, saving more for retirement, or praying more often.

Yes, I can heap mountains of guilt upon myself for these omissions of discipline in my life. But I’ve discovered that guilt is not a good motivator. This year, I decided to take a different approach to a resolution. Rather than letting guilt be my motivator, I decided to let opportunity be my motivator. In other words, what opportunities am I missing or overlooking? Not something I feel guilty about not doing, but something that – if I started doing it – would enhance my life.

Hence, my 2007 New Year’s resolution is to start blogging. I’ve called this blog Waypoint, which is simply a navigational marker along a journey. Metaphorically speaking, this blog represents the milestones and markers along my personal journey. My hope is to create some dialog, crystallize my own thoughts, and increase learning.

Now, if I could just overcome the guilt of sitting in front of the computer instead of exercising…