The speed limit on most of Parkwood Drive is 45 mph. However, there is that one stretch — about a half-mile long — where the road is unfinished and abruptly narrows from six to two lanes. The speed limit on this stretch has long been 35 mph. Few people observe that speed limit, though, and when somebody does, it creates a dangerous traffic jam where people have to merge.

Recently I observed a police officer observing traffic at this location for several days in a row. Naturally I thought our men in blue were cracking down on the speeders. Much to my surprise, however, I noticed that the speed limit was *increased* a few days later — from 35 to 40 mph.

This is a great example of local officials making local decisions to take care of local problems. This is how our country’s founding fathers envisioned that our government should work. Local governments are best at solving local issues. If this had been a state highway or a federal highway, we’d still be driving 35 mph. Actually, we’d still be driving 45, but feeling more guilty about it.

And if you think this is a commentary about speed limits, you might be wrong…