Elizabeth EdwardsI came across a quote this evening that inspired me, as it relates to many things I’ve been learning and talking about in the last few days.

Speaking about how she survived several tragedies and trials in her life, Elizabeth Edwards had this to say:

“People who knew we had lost a son said, ‘You are so strong,’ and when I had breast cancer people would say ‘You are so strong,’ and I thought ‘They don’t know there’s a trick to being strong, and the trick is that nobody does it alone.'”

Nobody does it alone.

No matter what your trials and struggles are today, you are not intended to carry those burdens by yourself. Sometimes we don’t like to admit it, but we are designed to be relational and dependent on each other. Whatever your struggle, you will find strength when you share it with others.

We sometimes think that sharing our struggles is a sign of weakness, or an admission of failure. “If I were just strong enough or brave enough or smart enough, I wouldn’t have to ask for help.” The truth, however, is that we grow stronger through our vulnerability.

Nobody does it alone.

We also grow stronger by helping to carry another person’s burden. When we become so stubborn and independent that we can’t share our struggles, we may be preventing someone else from receiving the joy and blessings of helping us. Just as we all need a little help from time to time, we also have a need to help someone else from time to time.

Nobody does it alone.