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I just discovered this really cool new career site called Jobfox, and wanted to pass it along. You can read more about it in this Forbes.com article.

The site is designed to compete directly with the mega job boards Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com. One might think it is crazy to take on these giants, unless you consider the fact that Jobfox was created by Rob McGovern — the founder and former CEO of CareerBuilder.com. Also consider the fact that jobfox is a truly innovative twist on the typical job board, and you have a pretty good recipe for success.

What makes Jobfox unique? Here are a few things I’ve observed. There are probably many more:

  • The site is not a typical job search site. Rather than allowing you to search for jobs, Jobfox matches you to the best jobs based on the 10 Dimensions of a Great Job Fit (sm). These 10 dimensions include your skills, experience, education and desires; like salary, travel, commute, etc.
  • The Jobfox Job Fit Matching Engine is designed around the 10 dimensions. As you enter details about your work experience, Jobfox asks questions about the specific types of activities and responsibilities, what tools you use, etc. For instance, one of my jobs was a technical writer for a software company. As soon as I select “technical writer” from the job function list, jobfox asks me if my role was editing, creating new documents, or updating existing documents, etc.. Then it asks if these were installation guides, user manuals, training materials, and on and on. Finally, it asks me which tools I used most frequently. You can select multiple items for most questions, and then rank them. I thought the tool was very comprehensive.
  • When Jobfox finds a fit, it score the fit on a 10-point scale. It also displays a comparison table of your fit criteria and how it matches with the job criteria, so you can immediately see where the differences are.
  • Jobfox offers “trackable resume” service. One of job seekers biggest complaints is the “black hole” of resume submission. When you submit your resume to Jobfox, they immediately send back a trackable version that looks just like the original. When you submit this version to potential employers, Jobfox will notify you — through SMS, and through a history log on their site — when the employer has opened and reviewed the resume.
  • Jobfox allows you to control who sees your portfolio, when it’s available for viewing, and many other security features.

Jobfox is not just an incrementally-better or prettier job board. It is a game changer with the potential to revolutionize the way employers and employees are matched. It’s not clear how many employers are using the site, though, which seems to be a critical component to the site’s success; McGovern gently sidesteps this issue by emphasizing that the site is more about quality of jobs posted than quantity. But if the site can reach critical mass in terms of number of candidates and employers, it looks like Jobfox will indeed be a winner.