There is a big difference between job search and career management. Job search is more like an event that commences when you need a job and ends when a new job is secured. Career management, on the other hand, is a mindset that transcends job changes.

Back when the average worker went to work for a company and retired from the same company 40 years later, job search skills were sufficient. In today’s market, however, the average worker is expected to change jobs as many as nine times. Our career is no longer tied to one company, one industry, or even one profession. Therefore, it is essential that today’s employees learn how to manage their own careers.

In a recent interview with Vancouver 24 Hours, Jason Alba of JibberJobber illustrates the differences between job search and career management by contrasting various attitudes. For example:

  • Job Search: I network to find immediate job opportunities, and hope that my network isn’t too stale.
  • Career Management: I have a very strong set of relationships and continually strive to add value to them.

There are many more examples in the article. Be sure to read it.


UPDATE 10/18 – I forgot to add the link to Jason’s blog. If you haven’t already, you need to check it out.