Many companies are starting to offer flexible work arrangements as one way to retain the best talent. But is that enough to attract and retain talented employees over the long haul, or is it a stop-gap measure? Is it time to fundamentally change the way we think about careers?

In an interesting article from today’s Financial Times, Alison Maitland reviews the concept of “mass career customization” developed and used by the consulting firm Deloitte Touche Tomatsu. The model encourages employees to tailor their careers around their own needs, goals, and priorities, allowing them to choose from a graduated list of option is foura areas:

  • pace of career progress (“accelerated” to “decelerated”)
  • workload (“full” to “reduced”)
  • location and schedule (“not restricted” to “restricted”), and
  • role (“leader” to “individual contributor”)

It’s too soon to know if the pilot model is working, but early results are encouraging.