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In yesterday’s post, I wrote “As Thanksgiving approaches, this seems like a perfect time to start practicing gratefulness and honing that mindset.”

But how to we “practice gratefulness?” It sounded like a good suggestion, but it also felt a little incomplete without some sort of practical application. And to be honest, I didn’t have any great ideas.

Later in the day, however, I came across this excellent suggestion from Keith Ferrazzi. While driving out of town, he used the time in the car to scroll through contacts in his cell phone, and call them to tell them how grateful he was for their presence in his life. In the process, he realized how truly blessed he was.

Can you imagine getting a phone call from someone just to say “I am grateful for you”? How much would that brighten your day (week, month)?

I thought this was an excellent — and very practical — way to “practice gratitude,” and wanted to share it with you.