As a follow-up to my recent post about the value of a consultant, I wanted to share this related post I just came across from KnowHr entitled “10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Dump Your Consultant.”

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  • If he says “synergize” more than three times in 5 minutes.
  • If he’s talking about your business plan on his cellphone earpiece while boarding an airplane.
  • If he’s so full of himself that he takes his jacket off and tries to hand it to the pilot to hang up. (Sorry, sir, I don’t do coats, I just fly this thing.)
  • If he uses the phrase, “Fleshing out the business case is the critical path.”
  • If he says, “Ping him. We need to meet his expectations.”
  • If he says, “We need to debrief this puppy.”
  • If he talks about “the ultimate win-win solution.”
  • If he wants to “run it up the flagpole.”
  • If he keeps talking on his cellphone about your specific company and plans after they’ve closed the airplane door so that the flight attendant has to get up twice to ask him to turn it off.
  • If he’s sitting right behind me on Delta 973 last evening from Atlanta to Philadelphia and I could write all this down in Twitter.
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