It would please me greatly to report that the last few months have been invested in a deep spiritual quest that culminated in great gains of wisdom, vision, and discipline that I am now prepared to impart to you. That would certainly sound more noble than sitting in front of the TV eating Doritos and watching old episodes of Criminal Minds, pondering ideas that would make great blog posts if only I had a little more motivation to write them. One of the bad things about taking a sabbatical from blogging is that you feel compelled to offer something really profound when you return, as if a brief moment of premeditated profundity somehow justifies a lingering absence from the blogosphere.


Well, it ain’t gonna happen. In the absence of anything profound, I decided to just write a post that incorporates the word “profundity” a few times – it certainly sounds intelligent and it lends an air of gentle sophistication that could easily be mistaken for… profundity. It’s a brilliant and sensible technique, given that its effectiveness has been proved by none other than a presidential candidate.


I was previously too focused on readership and stats, trying diligently to tailor my posts around a loosely-crafted theme, and avoiding topics that departed from that theme. I say “loosely-crafted” because I’m not sure I could ever clearly define that theme. And rather than writing from the heart, I began looking for topics that fit a brand I was trying to develop for myself. The passion eventually evaporated. So going forward, I’m going to try to just write more from the heart and be less concerned with the frequency, the theme, or even… (ahem) the profundity of posts.


Now, if I could just remember my WordPress login…